Raleigh, NC

Day 7 / Capitol #13

It was late Sunday night when I arrived in Raleigh and I stayed at a hotel just north of the city. The North Carolina State Capitol building is in the center of their downtown in the middle of a park-like setting with mature trees and without a dome, it wasn't easy to identify.  

Southern hospitality really came alive inside this building starting with the capitol police!  This is also where the frequency of coincidental, serendipitous moments like that really started occurring to me, like when I accidentally met then Governor Cathy Purdue in the rotunda, a capitol policeman from Pennsylvania in the Legislative Building and a woman named Hope on the way there.  Some were small and others huge, but I was amazed at how often they would happen! I was also glad when a friend of mine’s son, Chris Faron, flew here to meet me and help with the driving for a few days!   (He was a Godsend!)