Big Goals, Short Deadlines by Mickey Straub

50 Capitols in 50 Days

Learn how an historic trip inspired by Abraham Lincoln (and thought to be impossible) can help you achieve your dreams!

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The 50 Capitols in 50 Days Route

About the Trip

What started out as a patriotic pilgrimage for "Love of Country" turned into a lifelong mission to inspire others and to honor our veterans by helping America recommit to Lincoln's core values and those of our nation: God, Unity, Liberty, and Patriotism.

It was a historic and record-breaking trip that was at times both harrowing and humbling! But more importantly, the 50 Capitols trip revealed the inherent goodness and kindness of Americans coast to coast and gives us all hope.

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Epic Road Trip receives Congressional Record

Congressional Record

Click to watch Congressman Peter Roskam

  • 7-8 Driving Hours a Day
  • 39 Capitols with Domes
  • 7000 Pictures
  • 14,900 Miles Driven

In Honor of Lincoln

In Honor of Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was asked to say a "few appropriate remarks" and in just 272 words, he ended up inspiring a nation while memorializing the soldiers.  Here is a one-of-a-kind video to memorialize Lincoln and probably the only time in history that the Gettysburg Address was ever recited at all 50 State Capitols!  (4 min.)

“Straub is 80 percent finished with something that has never been attempted before.” Juneau Newspaper

His 50 Capitols in 50 Days trip is an inspiring journey.” Joey Davenport

The only person in history to recite the Gettysburg Address at all 50 capitols.” John Morris, Eureka College

“Mickey has done things that a lot of us have only dreamed of!” Bo Jackson

“Man’s quest brings Abe’s message to all 50 states.” The Daily Herald

“I recommend his book to anyone with a dream or burning goal!” Jim Peterik

“Lincoln buff recites Gettysburg Address in all states.” Gettysburg Times

About Mickey

Mickey Straub is the president of Sales Activity Management, Inc. which provides custom performance management tools nationwide to help clients achieve their goals. The 50 Capitols trip was completed in 2012 and he was elected the mayor of Burr Ridge, Illinois the following year. Nicknamed "Mayor Mickey," he is a husband, parent, writer, patriot, God-loving guy, Catholic and keynote speaker. his personal mission is to live, love, inspire and serve.

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