About the Patriot

MICKEY STRAUB was born and raised in Pennsylvania and received a degree in Criminology and Political Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

He started his career as a Special Agent with the U.S. Department of Defense in both Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, then spent fourteen years in the insurance and financial services industry.

Mickey is the founder and president of Sales Activity Management, Inc. (SAM), a faith-based company in Burr Ridge, Illinois that he founded in 1995 SAM to “make a difference” in peoples’ lives and careers. SAM provides custom performance management tools nationwide to help clients achieve their goals and has over 50,000 clients annually nationwide.

The 50 Capitols trip was completed in 2012 when Mickey became the only person in history to take a patriotic pilgrimage in honor of Lincoln and our veterans to 50 Capitols in 50 Days. Along the way, he became the first and only person in the world to recite and record the Gettysburg Address at each Capitol building in honor of Lincoln and our veterans. Mickey’s hope is that more Americans will read it again and recommit to Lincoln’s core values and that of our nation: God – Unity – Liberty – Patriotism. Thought to be impossible and not likely to ever be repeated, the 50 Capitols trip was a patriotic pilgrimage that turned into a lifelong journey with his new priorities: God, Family, and Country, in that order. He’s always been a patriot, but from a spiritual perspective, he likes to say that “he left a believer and came back almost an evangelist-in-training.”

In 2013, he was elected the mayor of Burr Ridge, Illinois. Nicknamed “Mayor Mickey,” he is a husband, parent, writer, patriot, God-loving guy, Catholic and keynote speaker. His personal mission is to live, love, inspire and serve and he is now the author of the newly released BIG GOALS…Short Deadlines, a goal achievement book with a patriotic and spiritual message.

Mickey encourages everyone to visit their state’s Capitol, to read the Gettysburg Address, to love this country more than ever and keep in mind Ohio’s State Motto that is inscribed in bronze on the west side of their Capitol building as you pursue your dreams: