Columbia, SC

Day 8 / Capitol #14

One of the first things that struck me with the State House building, as it’s called in South Carolina, was its sheer size from the street; it is very tall, occupies a city block, and adjoins an entire complex of other state buildings.  The mostly blue granite building is huge and has ten, two-story Corinthian-like columns holding up the gabled roof.  Above the main part of the building is a picturesque dome with what looks like could have been a bell tower or look-out post on top, all wrapped with a stone railing.  Out in front is a three-tiered staircase leading up to the front doors. 

The inside, as expected, is expansive throughout the rotunda and the three floors of balconies leading up to the inside of the dome.  The House and Senate Chambers were equally impressive and huge with a balcony that overlooks all four sides with brass railings.  

The Story of the Liberty Bells

This is also where I would learn about the Liberty Bell Replicas given to every state in 1950 by the U. S. Treasury, thanks to a tour guide, Heyward Stuckey.  The story about these numbered replicas and the three sentences about freedom and liberty engraved on it kept ringing in my ears:  

  • Dedicated to you, a Free Citizen in a Free Land this reproduction of the Liberty Bell was presented to the People of South Carolina,   
  • The dimensions and tone are identical with those of the original Liberty Bell when it rang out our independence in 1776, and
  • In standing before this symbol, you have the opportunity to dedicate yourself, as did our founding fathers, to the principles of the individual freedom for which our nation stands.  

It seemed only fitting that we would learn about the Liberty Bells on September 11th, Patriots Day.