September 22, 2012

Indianapolis, IN – Day 19 / Capitol #28

Lincoln was prominent in Indy, and so was George Washington and Christopher Columbus.
September 21, 2012

Lansing, MI – Day 18 / Capitol #27

Beautiful building by the same architect (Elijah Myers) who designed the Texas Capitol…and Colorado. Couldn’t find Lincoln, but Gov Blair (whose statue is in front and portrait hangs in Senate Chamber) was a good friend of Lincoln and is credited with starting the Republican Party in Jackson, MI. (Governor George Romney also prominently displayed.) Found three spiritual references, as well as In God We Trust.
September 21, 2012

Columbus, OH – Day 18 / Capitol #26

I took the most pictures of this Capitol, probably because of its uniqueness and I had the best tour so far…even of the cupola (that wraps the dome) in which I got to sign my name (oldest signature dated in 1870). What a rare experience! …Saw the Governor and LG offices and where Lincoln was when he learned he won the election. Even stood at the same podium Lincoln spoke from (see House pic).  Timing […]
September 20, 2012

Charleston, WV – Day 17 / Capitol #25

Beautiful Capitol that faces the Kanawha River…with an Abraham Lincoln statue right out front. WV is the only state added to the union by proclamation (by Lincoln himself).
September 20, 2012

Frankfort, KY – Day 17 / Capitol #24

My first state with a picture with the Lieutenant Governor (Jerry Abramson), a  hallway dedicated to the First Ladies, a sculpture of Col. Sanders… and a picture of my Capitol Angel (Stephanie) who made these pictures possible.
September 19, 2012

Nashville, TN – Day 16 / Capitol #23

Tennessee’s capitol was closed for renovation, but I took some other great pictures and still recited the Gettysburg Address.
September 19, 2012

Little Rock, AR – Day 16 / Capitol #22

Great pictures of the Arkansas capitol, staircase seal, Gov’s wall, assistant and chief of staff, LG’s staff, House Senate, Treasurer’s office, In God We Trust,  Clinton and bronze Tiffany doors (rarely opened).
September 18, 2012

Little Rock…BIG Heart

Serendipity and an amazing visit!
September 18, 2012

Christian Concert at Monument Circle in Indy

Happened to be in Indy during the 50 Capitols in 50 Days trip at the same time that Indiana Bible Study College was in concert. What a coincidence! (Wink-wink:) 
September 15, 2012

Oklahoma City, OK – Day 12 / Capitol #21

This Capitol was first for many things…the first one with walls adorned with pictures of native sons (not politicians), the first with a dome that was added later (thru private donations) and the first one with an oil well out front. Love this place!