Capitol Recaps

October 2, 2012

Sacramento, CA – Day 29 / Capitol #40

As you would expect, the California Capitol is beautiful!  While similarities exist between Texas’, the white marble exterior make this one stand out.  Though the interior was impressive, it was light on artwork except for the portraits of …Lincoln and Washington in the chambers and all the Governors’ adorning the hallways.  Once again the people I spent time with really made my visit memorable, like the Sargent-atArms staff (Josh, Rich and Lynne), plus the  newscaster […]
October 2, 2012

Carson City, NV – Day 29 / Capitol #39

Probably known best for its famous attractions like Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe, Nevada has even more to offer! What a beautiful state…and lots of pictures. I also liked the quote outside of it about the people of Nevada being “grateful to Almighty God.”
October 1, 2012

Boise, ID – Day 28 / Capitol #38

Idaho was certainly a gem! Pardon the pun, since that is one of its nicknames, but it really was.  Recently refurbished, the white marble with black marbling through it was striking. Upon entering the governor’s office, I was told that this… would be the only time that I find an otter, and it was…in Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter’s office. Also prominent, was  George Washington inside and both Abraham Lincoln (largest in the West) and […]
September 29, 2012

Salt Lake City, UT – Day 26 / Capitol #37

Salt Lake City ranked as the nations’s most productive city in 2011 and Utah topped the Forbes list as the best U.S. state for business and careers (see attached). Its Capitol was equally impressive, adorned with statues of successful citiz…ens and lots of marble, including four lions outside named Patience, Fortitude, Honor and Integrity. Special thanks to Ben Burden at the Visitor Center and Dick Coan who joined the trip today.)
September 28, 2012

Phoenix, AZ – Day 25 / Capitol #36

Arizona’s state seal speaks volumes: Ditat Deus is Latin for “God Enriches” and the drawing reflects the Five C’s of its early economy: Climate, Citrus, Cattle, Copper and Cotton. Liberty also has a major presence. Special thanks to Joe Kubacki (Sergeant at Arms in the Senate) for turning the lights on.)
September 27, 2012

Santa Fe, NM – Day 24 / Capitol #35

New Mexico is proud to have the oldest capitol building in the country (built 1609-10), the only round capitol building, and the one with the highest elevation at 7000 feet!  (That explains the snow en route.)
September 27, 2012

Denver, CO – Day 24 / Capitol #34

The Mile-high Capitol may be under construction, but it doesn’t affect operations, tours or the splendor its grand staircase, first-class rotunda and beautiful brass. The only thing more enjoyable were the people I met…who all inspired me…. Big thanks to Molly, the Governor’s executive assistant, to Marisela who watches over Lincoln…and to serendipity. (The Liberty Bell and Ten Commandments are across the street in Lincoln Park…which is only fitting.)
September 26, 2012

Cheyenne, WY – Day 23 / Capitol #33

Wyoming was first governing body to give women the right to vote, own property and have female governor. Amish cherry throughout, complete with imperfections built in, as they do, to honor God.  Lynnette, Cheri, Michelle, Melissa and the Gov, we’re all my Capitol Angels who made my visit exceptional!  (Plus Jeff outside who was born in Cheyenne, raised in Wisconsiin and was visiting from Chicago.)
September 26, 2012

Lincoln, NE – Day 23 / Capitol #32

The capitol building isn’t the only thing that makes Nebraska so unique, it’s also the only state in the country whose legislature is unicameral, that is, a single-chamber legislative body. And it’s  non-partisan. The inside was unlike any …other and so was the extra 14th floor rotunda (with Lincoln’s unifying words outlining the perimeter) and the observation deck. Check out these pics! No one is more prominent in Lincoln, than Lincoln; check out the Gettysburg […]
September 25, 2012

Des Moines, IA – Day 22 / Capitol #31

The Iowa State Capitol had the WOW Factor going on…from the outside, the dome, State Flag, the view, Law Library (staircase)’ the U.S.S. Iowa (Battleship) and Honoring Patriots. Lincoln, once again, was very prominent. The Iowa State Capitol had the WOW Factor going on…from the outside, the dome, State Flag, the view, Law Library (staircase)’ the U.S.S. Iowa (Battleship) and Honoring Patriots. Lincoln, once again, was very prominent.